Gala Trade – The global trade business

Gala Trade offers quality brands, its licensed products ranging from toys, kids’ and toddlers’ equipment over electronics and household items to games. Each article has been thoroughly researched to be sold in various regions around the world successfully. We have the right information at hand!

Gala Trade operates globally as a wholesaler, supplying small and bigger customers in Europe, America, Asia and all around the globe. We offer a range of more than 40,000 items on the German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, American and Asian markets. On each of these global markets we are established through the internet. From our own warehouses, we ship items reliably, fast and according to our customers’ needs. Additionally, we offer the option to ship your goods, we do business in fulfilment. Further information can be found here: gala.shipping.

On our marketplaces, we offer more than 40,000 high-quality items globally. This range is extended through new articles in our marketplaces on a daily basis. Our focus especially lies on customers’ satisfaction, we reach this aim through fast and perfect shipping, most competitive prices, friendly and courteous customer support and high-quality products.

Our company, Gala Trade, has been established on 3 January 2005 under the name “Hauseinkauf – mit Sicherheit schneller Versand” by Mister Arkadius Gala in Siegen, Germany. He started an internet trade during his economic studies. At the start, it was intended to finance these studies, but Mr. Gala soon realised internet trade’s enormous potential, thus he concentrated on the expansion of his company. Since 2005, Gala Trade has observed the development of internet trade. In doing so, it uncovers trends and undetected potential in the marketing of items. Through the knowledge gained by starting a company from scratch, Gala Trade can provide services which enable you to operate successfully on global internet markets.